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Random Post Appears!!!!

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Random Post Appears!!!! Empty Random Post Appears!!!!

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 04, 2015 1:43 am

I want to know how everyone feels about the current state of Yugioh.
This is a completely optional anyhow I will nonetheless extend this offer to anyone willing to accept it. With everyone's contribution  (a few 1st editions a day) we can all ask the card gods to ban those evil cards known as Qliphorts and Nekroz. They have been a menace to the game state of Yugioh as we have come to know it. Konami is smoking some serious shit if they are openly creating cards that are insanely powerful without many work arounds so to speak. I understand that they need to make money but damn I will not spend over $30 bucks on a card sorry that's not happening...What I want to see more of are come back plays and actual duels that give either player a battle high similar to the anime not plays that allow for players to lock the opponent out.  It's 1-2-3 "That's Yugioh" when those cards hit the field people!!! In short summary less bullshit more somewhat fair/fun fights......kinda like Vanguard (although vanguard is broken too but at least it is somewhat fun) that anime is epic btw...
~That's all.


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Post by Guest on Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:05 pm

The current state of yugioh is fine by me just i totally agree of the banning of qils and neks they are way to broken however if i may can i recommend that you may wanna play u.a's all the cards are no more then 2 dollars and its quite the deck let me tell you. but if anything i wanna see Mystical Space typhoon get banned just for giggles id think itd be funny how many people do you think would quit because of that? i hated it when they banned monster reborn and still do i think that needs to come back to 1 at least and shock master that thing was fucking awesome. but that isnt my bushiness *insert kermit here* lol


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Post by Guest on Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:55 pm

i think that konami is doing just fine with yugioh. As you can expect with any new content for games, they want people to enjoy and want to get the new content that makes them better and stronger. also, they put out multiple archetypes in each new set and normally along with support for older archetypes. overall, it has been making more broken cards and combos, but it has always done that. if you remember six sams with gateway and shiens, those were the shit back then. anyway, now with gateway banned, they have died down, and are making a slight comeback with shien at 2


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